Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight is each ladder designed for?

When mounted securely and properly to the dock/pier structure, the welded WetSteps  ladder will hold 500 lbs.   The bolted WetSteps weight limit is 325 lbs.

What size are the steps?

Each welded step is  24″ wide and 6″ deep.

Each bolted step is 20″ wide and 6″ deep.

How far does it drop in the water?

There are approximately 11″ between steps. Every dock is different, so we can’t be exact due to water level and float size.

How heavy are the WetSteps? Can I lift them out of the water?

Since they are all aluminum construction, they are very easy for young and old to lift out of the water. The 5-step ladder is 30 lbs, and is considerably lighter than steel and wooden ladders.

Will my ladder stay looking new?

Just like a pontoon boat, when aluminum is left in the water, it will discolor. You will see a water line unless you use a clear coat aluminum protectant prior to use. We offer the coating for an additional charge or pick a color and let us powdercoat it for you!

Can it be taken out of the water for storage?

Yes. Simply rotate it out of the water when not in use.

Is it difficult to install?

No, it requires only 8 bolts or lag screws, depending on your dock type, to be attached.

Is there an easier way to mount the ladder to a cement tile dock?

Yes. We now have a rubber coated, gray steel deck plate that replaces two cement tiles. It bolts directly in, so it only takes minutes to install both the ladder and plate.

Should I leave it in the water when not in use?

No. It is recommended to remove it from the water when not in use to prevent algae, barnacles, etc. from growing. These types of build-up can make any step slippery, so take it out of the water to keep it clean.

Does it rust?

All metals oxidize; however, unlike other metals, aluminum performs extremely well in water. It is highly recommended to remove from water when not in use since freshwater can grow algae.

Where are WetSteps made?

Made in the USA – Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Is there any kind of warranty?

All Wet Steps dock projects have a 10 year warranty on the construction.

Can I still pull a boat alongside my dock?

Yes. Wet Steps easily lift completely out of the water to free up boat parking at a moment’s notice.

Will this work for pets?

Larger dogs love it!

How do I get one?

Contact us anytime.