WetSteps EZ Dock Ladder

When mounted securely and properly to the dock/pier structure, the welded WetSteps ladder will hold 500 lbs. The bolted WetSteps weight limit is 325 lbs.

Each welded step is 24″ wide and 6″ deep.
Each bolted step is 20″ wide and 6″ deep.

There are approximately 11″ between steps. Every dock is different, so we can’t be exact due to water level and float size.  A 5 step ladder requires 53″ from the top of the dock to the water bottom.  A 6 step ladder requires 64″  and the 7 step bolted requires 75″ from the top of the dock to the bottom of the water bottom.  WetSteps (welded or bolted) should NEVER touch the bottom of the lake or the pool.

Since they are all aluminum construction, they are very easy for young and old to lift out of the water. The 5-step ladder is approximately 30 lbs. and is considerably lighter than steel and wooden ladders.  The 6-step ladder is approximately 40 lbs.

Just like a pontoon boat, when aluminum is left in the water, it will discolor. You will see a water line unless you use a clear coat aluminum protectant prior to use. We offer and recommend powder coating for an additional charge.  Powder coating will protect your WetSteps and keep it looking new for many years!  Pick a color and let us powder coat it for you!

Yes. Simply rotate it out of the water when not in use.  A marine locking pin is included to lock the WetSteps when in the upright position.

Maybe 20 minutes!  It requires 8 bolts or lag screws to be attached, depending on your dock type.   Hardware is NOT INCLUDED with your purchase.  This product is aluminum.  PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS WHEN INSTALLING IF ELECTRICITY IS ON THE DOCK.  WetSteps, nor WetSteps Alabama, take no responsibility for installation and is not liable for any installation.

WetSteps Alabama suggests an installation with an aluminum or cement dock be performed by a professional.

All metals oxidize; however, unlike other metals, aluminum performs extremely well in water. It is highly recommended to remove from water when not in use since freshwater can grow algae.  Powder coating is available and will protect the WetSteps, keeping them looking great for many years to come!  If the WetSteps are hit by anything metal or hard plastic and the coating is disturbed, it will begin showing signs of corrosion.

Made in the USA – Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

All WetSteps dock products have a 10 year warranty on the construction.

Yes. WetSteps easily lift completely out of the water to free up boat parking at a moment’s notice.

YES!  Larger dogs love them!

Not recommended for older dogs or dogs with hip issues.

Please see Woof Ramp (coming soon)!

Because docks are built in different ways, we only recommend the hardware to use. In the case of a wood dock, lag screws with washers or bolts can be used. Stainless steel is recommended.  Hardware is NOT INCLUDED.
Washers 1/4”
Lag screws (on a 2×4 good wood) 1/4”x4” ****length of bolt or screw is determined by YOUR dock. Stainless steel is highly recommended.
WetSteps are made of heavy-duty marine grade aluminum. Please make sure you take proper precaution if electricity is on your dock.
It will if left in the water for a period of time.  It is recommended that if not in use, they be put in their upright position on the dock to avoid this.
If algae and dirt  accumulate on your WetSteps, simply use a soft bristle brush and a mild detergent such as Dawn Dishwashing liquid.  Do not use a wire brush pr any metal tool on your WetSteps. This will damage the powder coating.
WetSteps are made of aluminum.
Please make sure you take proper precaution if electricity is on your dock.
The WetSteps are installed 13 1/2” to center of the bracket.
The WetSteps, when in the up position, sit back (welded WetSteps) approximately 40″, (bolted WetSteps) approximately 35″.

Absolutely! But remember to make sure that at no time should WetSteps hit the bottom of the lake or pool.

WetSteps should NEVER touch the bottom of the lake or pool.

Dock Water Bench

Made in the USA – Anderson, SC.

Measurements are 22″w x 60″l x 22″d

installation requirements here

Your staircase in and out of the water.

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