Our Story

We are so proud to bring WetSteps to Alabama and the Southeast!

We first came across these incredible dock steps for the first time in September 2016 when Brenda was assisting in the finishing touches of a showcase home for the fall tour on Lake Lotawana.  They had stopped for a cocktail cruise and a swim and she fell in love immediately with this product!  She didn’t have to pull herself up!  It was like stairs!!! We didn’t realize God had a bigger plan to utilize this product in her life.  For Mother’s Day, I gave her shiny red WetSteps! A special friend and I installed it at our little cabin on Lake Martin, Alabama on Sunday before Memorial Day, 2017.  The NEXT day she fell off the pier.  Knowing it was bad immediately, we knew not to pull her from the water but the WetSteps were instrumental in getting her out of the water without additional injury! The wide 24” steps with handrails were there to help get her out. The fall resulted in 2 fractures to her back with injury to the cervical and lower back. After many procedures and a couple surgeries, we know God used this to direct our path.  WetSteps was a MUST for getting into the lake during recovery.  Not long after, we met with the manufacturer and it has been a whirlwind since!

We carry inventory in Birmingham which enables us to get ladders to the Southeast more cost effective than coming from Missouri. Having experienced the benefits of WetSteps, it is our goal to spread the word about this dock product so everyone can enjoy the water.  People who have injuries, hip issues, knee injuries, limited upper body strength or needs assistance for handicapped persons, are prime candidates for this product!  Also, seeing children and our grandchildren being able to hold onto a handrail going up and down into the water for safety – priceless!

We hope you will consider WetSteps today!